League Rules

BASL League Policy 2017

Baltimore Adult Soccer League is now newly acquired by the Baltimore Sport and Social Club operating in Baltimore and Annapolis and will continue to follow closely the "Laws of The Game" set forth from FIFA the international governing body. The Laws of the Game are authorized on an annual basis by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and provided by the Fédération Internationale de Football Associations (FIFA).

There are a few alternative or additions made to the rules in order to enhance the player experience, safety or for administrative purposes for the sole purpose of Baltimore Adult Soccer League, their players, administration, staff or officials.

The altered, updated or added rules and policies will be noted below with further explanation. Baltimore Adult Soccer league reserves the right to remove, alter or update, any of their rules, laws or policies that may be considered controversial, vague or unsafe at any time. Any updates to these rules or policies will also be noted and dated.

Questions or concerns in regards to BASL Rules & policies can email us at Mike Cray's Email Address

This is the 217 Page Complete Laws of The Game

Complete Laws Of The Game 2016/2017

Below is the summary of additions, updates or changes to verbiage as it pertains to the Laws of the Game for 2017. BASL has included additional policies, rules that are applicable to our league, players, admin and game based on conditions, field or whether or not the intent or interpretation of the rules applies to the BASL specifically or exclusively. The complete Law of the Game can be reviewed and downloaded above.

Updated Laws of the Game for 2017

Law 1- Field of Play
IFAB Update: Logos/emblems of FAs, competitions etc... are allowed on corner flags (but no advertising)

Additional BASL Policy: Since BASL plays on a variety of fields, that may or may not be of standard size. We are consistent in advocating with the organizations that we rent facilities from, that the playing fields are safe, clean and are available/open for those times listed. We cannot guarantee the conditions of the playing surface nor that the schedule once posted is guaranteed. We also cannot guarantee that there will be available bathrooms during game times.
IFAB Update:No Change

Additional BASL Policy: It is the responsibility of the each team, team captain, or players to provide a good game balls(1 per team). The referee may inspect game balls prior to the game and/or has the right to delay the game until the proper amount of game balls (1 per team) has been provided. It is not the referees job to retrieve out of play game balls. BASL does not provide game balls.
IFAB Update:A match may not start/continue if a team has fewer than 7 players, Substitutes may take a restart but must first step onto the field
Law 5 now allows the referee to send a player off before the kick-off (from the pre-match inspection of the field of play onwards) and in terms of the player being replaced, a player sent off:
Before the team list has been submitted -­ can not appear on team list in any capacity
After team list submitted but before kick-off — can be replaced by named Substitute (who can not be replaced; team may still make full number of Substitutions as is the current Law)after the kick-off - can not be replaced
Direct FK (or penalty) if a substitute/team official/sent off player interferes with play
If something/someone (other than a player) touches a ball going into the goal, the referee can award the goal if the ball goes in the goal and the touch had no impact on the defenders (unless in opponents’ goal)
If a goal is scored with an extra person on the field and referee has restarted play, the goal stands and the match continues
Additional BASL League Policy: In the case of COED, one of the minimum players (7) one must be female before the game can start.
Additional players may be borrowed from another team in order to get the game started within the 10 minute grace period. If the game proceeds with minimum amount of players before the 10 minute grace period, the final outcome of the game will stand regardless.

All players must be currently rostered in the league plus have accepted the online waiver and have fully paid.
BASL requires captains to turn in roster prior to each season and it is highly likely that it will be checked prior to each game once a roster has been posted and it can be challenged by an opponent for having "ineligible players". "Ineligible" is defined as not being currently enrolled/rostered on a BASL has accepted online waiver. Any team found to have ineligible players faces forfeiture for those games that ineligible players may have participated.
Substitutions can be taken throughout the game as players notify referees that a substitution is needed as long as the required amount of players remains.
Players arriving late after the start of the game needing to join the game will need to also ask permission from the referee to enter the field.
There must be at least 3 females on the field. If the team is short on girls, the team must play down and cannot use males to substitute unless there is concurrence from the opposing team and referees.
A female goalie counts as a girl on the field.
IFAB Update:Any tape or other material on/covering socks must be same color as the sock
A player losing footwear or shinguard accidentally can play on until next stoppage
Electronic communication with substitutes is forbidden
Player can return during play after changing/correcting equipment, once equipment has been checked (by referee, 4th official, AR or AAR) and referee signals
Undershorts must be color of shorts or hem; team must all wear same color
Additional BASL League Policy: BASL will not be enforcing the matching tape, or undershort rule.
Shin guards, socks, shorts, BASL-approved shirt, proper shoes must be worn.
Only in indoor will shin guards be optional.
The use or wearing of metal cleats if forbidden in any BASL league play.

BASL will allow players to wear medical devices such as leg braces or casts as long the referees approve prior to game time that it is safe and that the player and there is no danger to the other players.
BASL is not responsible for damage or loss to any medical devices as a result of play or participation.
Jewelry must be removed!!
IFAB Update:Clear statement about referee’s opinion and discretion
Reference to the ‘spirit of the game’
Referee can not change a decision once play has restarted or the referee has left the field of play at the end of the half If several offenses occur at the same time the most serious is punished. Order of seriousness:
Disciplinary sanction (RC more serious than YC etc…)
Direct FK more serious than Indirect FK
Physical offense (foul) more serious than non-­‐physical (handball) Tactical impact
Referee can ‘send off’ a player from pre­‐match pitch inspection, onwards
(see Law 3)
Referee can only use RC + YC after entering the field of play at the start of the match
Player injured by RC/YC foul can be quickly assessed/treated and stay on field
Additional BASL League Policy: It is the policy of BASL league to be lenient on the use of expletives as long as they are considered momentary outburts and not aimed or hostile toward any official, player or persons.
BASL practices a ZERO policy against any player, spectator or official for any violent misconduct, racial slurs, or derogatory, inflammatory or provocative comments. Offenders will have comprehensive reports and swift action will be dealt.
Under no circumstances, shall a player, referee or staff member place their hand on any other player, referee or staff member for demonstrative or hostile purposes. In case of de-escalation of a situation, it is advised that all parties maintain a safe distance to "discuss", not argue. The referee has final say as to the outcome/punishment.
A Report must be filed for any and all incidents that involve violence, assault, racial slurs, inflammatory comments to the league within 24 hours. Send reports to normajean@baltimoreadultsoccerleague.com
Any player receiving RED card Send off with two game suspension and $50 league fine can file a written appeal to league administration within 48 hours.
IFAB Update:More details about the usual duties of the assistants, AARs and 4th official If AARs have been appointed, at a penalty kick the AR takes a position in line with the penalty mark (ball) as this is the offside line
Diagrams of assistant referee and AAR signals included

Additional BASL League Policy:
Not Applicable to BASL
LAW 7: The Duration of the Match
IFAB Update:More reasons for additional time (e.g. medical, drinks, breaks) Additional BASL League Policy:
Only in Playoffs will the adding of extra time to provide an Absolute Winner will this be applicable.
Game Clock starts on time
There will be a 10 minute grace period to allow teams to get the required min amount of players (see Law 3)
11 v 11 matches are 25 minute halves with 5 min half time
6v6 matches are 24 minute halves with 5 min half time
7v7 indoor matches are 24 halves with 5 min half time
In the case of playoffs, there is a tie, there will be up to two 5-minute golden goal periods of which first goal from either team wins the game. This will be considered an "Overtime Win".
LAW 8: The Start and Restart of Play
IFAB Update:All restarts included (previously only kick-­‐off and dropped ball were mentioned)
Ball must clearly move to be in play for all kicked restarts
Referee can not 'manufacture' outcome of a dropped ball
Ball can be kicked in any direction at kick­‐off:
Additional BASL League Policy:
Indoor 6v6 & 7v7 there will be unlimited substitutions, and a "guaranteed substitution" is only when there is game ball stoppage
Time Outs in Indoor 6v6 & 7v7 can be called when the team's goalie has possesion of the ball. One time per half can be called per team.
Time Outs for 11v11 & 6v6 Outdoor can be called when team's goalie has possession of the ball. One per half per team.
LAW 9: The Ball in and out of Play
IFAB Update:If a ball rebounds off any match official, it is in play unless it wholly passes over the boundary line (this includes AARs) Additional BASL League Policy: Referee's Discretion to apply
Law 10: Determining the Outcome of a Match
IFAB Update:Kicks from the penalty mark:
Referee will toss a coin to choose the goal (unless there are weather, field of play, safety considerations etc…)
Coin will be tossed a 2nd time to determine who takes the first kick Goalkeeper can be replaced at any time
Player temporarily off the field (e.g. injured) at the final whistle can take part
Both teams must have same number of players before and during the kicks
Referee does not need to know the names/numbers or the order of kickers
A kick is over/completed when it goes over a boundary line or stops moving (including held by GK) (See Law 14)
Kicks are not delayed if a player leaves the field; if the player is not back in time their kick is forfeited (missed)

Additional BASL League Policy:
The PK lineup in BASL is Girl | Boy | Girl | Boy| Girl and if no winner has been determined, then the line up continues with recycling of the girls on the field back in the line up till a winner has been declared.
Law 11: Offside
IFAB Update:Halfway line 'neutral' for offside; player must be in opponents' half
Arms of all players (including goalkeepers) are not considered when judging offside position
Offside position, not offense, judged at the moment the ball is played
Offside FK is always taken where the offside offense occurs (even in own half)
Interfering with an opponent after a save or rebound is an offense
A defender off the field is only 'active' until play stops or the defending team clears the ball away from their penalty area towards the halfway line
Same for attacker returning; before that the player’s point of return to the field of play is the offside position
If a goal is scored, an attacking player in the goal can be penalised for an offside offence

Additional BASL Policy: Referee's Discretion is Applicable
Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct
IFAB Update:If a foul involves contact it is always a direct FK
If the referee plays advantage for a RC offence and the offending player then gets involved in play it is an IDFK
Change of wording for handball so that not every handball is a YC -- YC for handball now linked to stopping/interfering with a promising attack (like other fouls)
Attempted violent conduct is a RC, even if no contact
Striking on head/face when not challenging an opponent is a RC unless the contact is minimal/negligible
Offense on the field against substitutes, team officials, match officials etc... is now a direct FK
Foul off the field as part of normal play will be penalised with a direct FK on the boundary line at the point nearest to the offence (penalty kick if in offender’s own penalty area)
Some DOGSO offences in the penalty area are now punished with a YC. RC remains for: handball, holding, pulling, pushing, not attempting or no possibility to play the ball
New Wording:
"Where a player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-­‐scoring opportunity by a deliberate handball offence the player is sent off wherever the offence occurs."
Where a player commits an offense against an opponent within their own penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-­‐scoring opportunity and the referee awards a penalty kick, the offending player is cautioned unless:
The offense is holding, pulling or pushing or
The offending player does not attempt to play the ball or there is no possibility for the player making the challenge to play the ball or The offense is one which is punishable by a red card wherever it occurs on the field of play (e.g. serious foul play, violent conduct etc..) In all the above circumstances the player is sent off. (Red Carded)

Additional BASL Policy:
Red Carded Players are to leave the facility immediately if they were ejected from the game for violent behavior. excessive or abusive language, provocative actions. No substitute. A report will be written within 24 hours to the league. Player faces 2 game suspension plus $50 fine.
Double Yellow card that leads to a Red Card - Player does not have to leave the facility but does leave the field of play without substitution and may face one game suspension depending on the referee's report/recommendation.
Offending players have 48 hours to appeal their penalties/suspension in order to reduce the penalty in writing to normajean@baltimoredultsoccerleague.com.
Any Fines levied against a player must be paid prior to returning to play even after the period of suspension has been served.
Players facing more severe punishment such as banishment or flagged for longer periods of time will be prevented from signing up or registering for any future leagues or affiliated tournaments till all appeals and an outcome has been determined.
Law 13: Free Kicks
IFAB Update:Clarification of the difference between 'stopping' a FK being taken and 'intercepting' the ball after FK has been taken Ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves

Additional BASL Policy: Referee's Discretion
Law 14: The Penalty Kick
IFAB Update:Clear statement of when a PK is over/completed
Some offences are always an IDFK whether or not the PK results in a goal:
Indirect FK if wrong player deliberately takes the penalty (+ YC to player who took the kick)
Indirect FK if ball kicked backwards
If 'illegal' feinting occurs it is always an indirect FK (and YC to the kicker) If the GK infringes and the PK is missed/re-‐taken the GK will now receive a YC

Additional BASL Policy: Referee's Discretion
Law 15: The Throw-In
IFAB Update:New wording makes it clear that the ball must be thrown with both hands
Clarification of action to be taken when a player moves within 2m (2 yds) of the throw-‐in and interferes

Additional BASL Policy: Referee's Discretion
Law 16: The Goal Kick
IFAB Update:The ball must be stationary! (current Law does not require this!)
If a goal kick is kicked into the kicker’s own goal it is a corner kick to opponents An opponent who is in the penalty area when the goal kick is taken can not play
the ball until touched by another player

Additional BASL Policy: Referee's Discretion
Law 17: The Corner Kick
IFAB Update:If a corner kick is kicked into the kicker’s own goal it is a corner kick to opponents

Additional BASL Policy: Referee's Discretion

Baltimore Adult Soccer League Rules & Policies 2017

• All "roster" players must be fully paid by first game. Unpaid balances will become the responsibility of the captain to be paid prior to the first game with the exception of free agent teams. In the case of free agent teams, unpaid free agents will be dropped by first game. • Team captains have the option to list players to pay individually to meet minimum league roster requirements or pay upfront in one lump sum (for unlimited roster) • The unpaid "balances" can be applied toward future referee fees to be paid on the field. One the game has played and proof of payment made the team will be given credit for payment. • Teams that have "unpaid" balances can be removed and/or not included in the playoff schedule depending on the amount of the balance. • Player balances can be transferred/rolled from one season to the next and can accrue. • Any team that allows a player with an accrued balance to play or participate in league play faces forfeit for those games. This includes any fees, fines (red card or forfeit) or invoices (partial) not paid.
BASL Uniforms
Under no circumstance should any competitive league shirt be worn in any BASL game.
BASL allows for business sponsors and shirts that are being provided need to be approved prior.
All teams should have an alternate color, Home team wears alternate color in case of a color conflict.
BASL does not supply pinnies
BASL also asks that the official BASL logo be applied to the shirt if possible at the team's expense, BASL will supply the appropriate logo.
BASL reserves the right to refuse to allow a player to play on the field until the competitive shirt has been removed, turned inside out or covered up.
Referee's have the right to ask any BASL player to comply with this requirement.

Time to time, BASL offers promotions with specific deadlines in order to attract new players, incentivize early sign up or to fill needed player spaces. All conditions of the promotion including deadlines must be met in order for BASL to honor the pricing. Most promotions are not retroactive and cannot be applied to prior registrations.

BASL reserves the right to rescind, deny or refuse to honor any discount or promotion that does not comply with the printed and published guidelines. For Questions regarding promotions please contact Mike Cray at mikec@baltssc.com

Refunds & Credits
BASL does not offer refunds for any circumstance unless the first game has not been played. No exceptions.
Any deposits or partial payments to hold a team or player spot that is not fully paid by first game is forfeited.

If a BASL player should become injured in the first few games of the league and is no longer able to play the remaining season due to the seriousness of the injury( such as a break or surgery), BASL would consider offering a pro-rated credit toward future league only with professional written medical note from the player's doctor. For Questions regarding promotions please contact Mike Cray at mikec@baltssc.com

Captains' Responsibilities
1. Captain is make sure that the make the minimum roster requirement for the league they signed up for
2. Captain should ensure that all players on the roster have signed or accepted the online roster and are compliant
3. Captain needs to review with all players on the roster the rules of the league, game and the playing facility
4. Captain needs to bring one good playing ball to the game
5. Captain is to communicate any changes or updates to the schedule 6. Captain is to remove, add or replace substitute players before deadline 7. When registering captain needs to determine and call out team color for the schedule. In case of a color conflict, home team wears the alternate color. 8. It is suggested that a captain carry with them at all times an emergency kit for minor injuries that contain band aids, wipes to clean up blood, extra shirt in case of having to change due to blood. 9. Captains are to check the schedule periodically for updates. Schedules are not set in stone and are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstance. Must check the schedule day of game and not rely on the automated emails that are generated.
All prizes have no cash value and are given at the end of the season to eligible Division Winners.
BASL reserves the right to change or update the Division Champion Prize(s) based on availability.

Teams needing to forfeit must give 24 hours notice! A forfeit fee of $100 will be assessed toward a team and must be paid prior to next game. In addition, any team who does forfeit a game will not be allowed to participate in any playoff games regardless of whether they have played their allotted scheduled games. Two (2) forfeits by any team in one season will result in an immediate removal from the league and will be barred from registering for any BASL programs.< /p>
The forfeit fee must be paid before the next scheduled game.

Visible Blood / Open Wounds

Any player that has visible signs of blood, the referee will stop the game and ask that the player leave the playing field.

The player/captain must take measures to clean and cover the source before re-entering the field of play. If the player's shirt has blood on it, the player must change that shirt and will not be allowed to wear that shirt. The shirt should be placed in a plastic bag in the player's personal possession or if there is a blood cleaning agent available, used to remove blood off the shirt.

Injuries /Concussion

In the case of a serious injury on the field that requires an ambulance to be called and take an injured player from the field. The player is not to be moved by any persons including the referees. It is highly likely that the remainder of the game will be cancelled so that the next game will start on time. If the injury occurred in the first 20 minutes of the first half, the game will be rescheduled, replayed at a later date. If the injury occurred after 20 minutes into the game regardless of the outcome, the game results will stand.

Any player that has been hit in the head and removed from the game due to suspicion of a concussion, cannot return to play the game that day.

A field report of the above situations need to be reported to contact Mike Cray at mikec@baltssc.com
Facility Policies / Following Park Rules

BASL and their players must strictly adhere to any all Park Rules and Policies from the Facilities that we operate in. The most common rules across all facilities are:

1. No drinking of gatorade or sports drinks on the playing field or surface.
2. No metal cleats
3. No food, gum, no spitting.
4. Only water is to be brought to the fields.
5. Bathroom facilities are seasonal and are sometimes closed
6. Please help pick up trash!!
7. Bikes are to be locked up at the entrances, not ridden in the facilities
8. No dogs or pets.
Indoor 7v7 Rules
  1. 7v7 Consists of 5 guys, 2 Girls,
  2. Min to start game is 4 players and one must be a girl
  3. Game clock must start on time,
  4. In order to avoid forfeits or to start game on time, teams may borrow enough players from other BASL teams to fulfill required amount of players until regular players show up. Once players have arrived, borrowed players may leave the playing field. Arriving players must ask referees to enter the field.
  5. Home team wear alternate color in case of shirt conflict
  6. Goalies must wear alternate colors of either team
  7. Shinguards are optional
  9. Appropriate indoor shoes/turf shoes only
  10. Must wear league provided shirts, no shirt, no play
  11. If you think your team may be short on players, please call for assistance before calling for a forfeit
  12. Goalies cannot bounce ball in the box with possession
  13. Teams can call 1 time out per half (60 seconds), with their goalie possession
  14. Game time is 24 min halves (2)
  15. Game ball will be provided but captains/players should bring at least one ball for back up
  16. Unlimited substitution, on the fly as in hockey,
  17. Girl in the goal counts as one on the field.
  18. If team is short on a girl, they play short a player, however if they are short on guys, girls can substitute for guys ie. 3 girls, 4 guys.
  19. If a team borrows substitutes in order to get the game started and the players end up playing the duration of the game to fulfill player requirements, the game results will stand as is regardless of the outcome.
  20. The game results will be recorded by the league.