Frequently Asked Questions

Is Soccer A Contact Sport?

Yes. it is.

Is slide tackling allowed?

Yes. Safe slide tackling is allowed in Div 1 & 2 but will not be allowed in our Div3 less competitive leagues soon to be added.  Slide tackling from behind is also allowed because it does not say in any rule book that it is not “allowed”.  It will be up to the referee’s discretion as to whether a tackle was overly excessive or dangerous to consider additional penalties against the offending player.

Are metal cleats allowed?

Under no circumstances are metal allowed to be worn in league play or on the facility fields. It is actual facility policy not to wear metal cleats. Offenders will be asked to change or not play.

I have never played soccer before but would like to join your league, what is your recommendation?

First, congratulations for choosing soccer as a sport that you would like to play however if it is your first time playing or touch the ball, we are suggesting that you may want to get some basic skills training before you join our league. Stay tuned to upcoming updates to adding an “X-treme social soccer league” so that lesser skilled players can also join and enjoy the same benefits. Since being acquired by BSSC ( Baltimore Sports & Social Club) adding a lower Div3 to be able to offer less competitive but fun soccer is future plans!

What is the difference between Div1 Level & Div2 Level?

In the division 2 level will have players of mixed skill levels and therefore the expectation of players with many different levels of playing ability, but in the higher Div 1 level, the scrutiny of playing level is greater by team mates and opponents.  When a player or team captain signs up they rate their playing ability from a scale of A,B,C,D. A being the highest level player which could be a professional to college level skills.

Div 1 Teams are mostly made up of A rated players with a few B here and there ..  A Div 2 Team will or could have many B rated players with a mix of C, D and could have a few A players as well.  As long as a Div 2 team has less 25% A players it will be ranked as a Div2 team.

A=former professional, college player, still plays, in shape, plays all the time, club player, high degree of skills, highly competitive

B=could still be a college level player but may have not played for a while, previous high school player, may not play as much, has good skills, not as advanced as an A player.  very competitive

C=Has soccer experience, maybe coming back to play, maybe not the greatest skills, maybe getting older, not in shape

D=has some experience, may not have extensive  formal training, may not have been playing for a while

I played in another Maryland State Soccer Association Affiliated League this year and just moved into the area, do I have to pay the membership dues again to join your league?

Welcome to Baltimore! And thank you for choosing Baltimore Adult Soccer League.  Since being acquired by the Baltimore Sports & Social Club of Baltimore and Annapolis, BASL no longer includes insurance as a “benefit” nor affiliated with US Soccer or Maryland State Soccer Association.